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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

We are humbled to be part of God’s plan share the Gospel and see the Holly spirit working in people’s heart  in the entire world. We are happy to present you an announcement  prepared by Open Doors Organization, to give a bible  to a muslim brother or sister seeking Christ.

We strongly encourage you to respond to this call for action, and take the opportunity to spread the Word of God to all the nations, especially the muslim community.

Thank you for doing your part!

Monica Badulescu

new-photo-for-muslim-emailDespite the increasing conflict we see intensifying in places like Syria and Egypt, and all over the Middle East, God is at work in a powerful way.Thousands of Muslims are coming to Christ! And when a Muslim is seeking to know about Jesus, they come to us in search of a Bible.

Today I am offering you the chance to put a Bible into the hands of a Muslim seeker.

To make your gift even more meaningful we have been offered a $10,000 Challenge Grant to provide these urgently requested Bibles! Which makes your gift even more important!
Just $5 will send one urgently needed Bible to a Muslim seeking Christ.
Bibles are scarce in many Islamic countries where it’s illegal to convert from Islam to Christianity. So we have set a goal to distribute at least 4,000 Bibles to Muslim seekers in these countries over the next few months.

And if we meet this $10,000 Challenge Grant, we can meet this goal! I think you can see why I’m asking you to give an online gift to Open Doors today.

Through your gift, you’ll not only help meet the challenge… but help deliver Bibles to Muslims who risk their lives just to know more about Christ. You’ll be giving them the one thing that can change their life for eternity!

So thank you for your gift. And thank you for helping us advance the gospel where faith costs the most.

Dr. David Curry                          

“Fifty years of serving and strengthening persecuted Christians worldwide – that is the legacy of Open DoorsAn important part of that legacy has been Open Doors‘ passion for motivating, mobilizing, and educating the
body of Christ in the West to reach out to our suffering brothers and sisters.” 
– Rick Warren, Author of
“The Purpose Driven Life


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Dr. David Curry
President/CEO, Open Doors USA