Africa Wa Yesu – Missionary report, November, 2015

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Pastor Armando Jo

The Ministry Vice-President

& Church Planting Director


Date: November 11th, 2015

Dear Rev. Illie Tomuta,

The Genesis Mission & The Board Members,

Chicago, USA.


Precious greetings to you, in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior!

Firstly, we send our love and greetings from Afrika Wa Yesu, Mozambique to you. And pray God’s blessings be multiplied over your lives, families, church and the ministry!

Secondly, we want to acknowledge and extend our deep gratitude to God, for The Genesis Mission, for supporting Afrika Wa Yesu and our nation for many years. Your prayers and financial support have been indeed a great blessing to us, as ministry, churches and as well as a nation. The impact of your partnership here in Africa is touching and changing many people’s lives.

Thank you, for accepting and partnering with us here in Mozambique, for all these years. May God continue strengthening and richly bless al that you are doing for His glory. And may He, reward The Genesis Mission and all The Board Members for the works of love and mercy that you are doing to His people around the world.


We would like to present our report to you and the challenges we face here in Mozambique.



Pr. Armando Jo

Afrika Wa Yesu


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